About NYC Couch Doctor

The Official, Original New York Couch Doctor

The NY Couch Doctor will solve your furniture moving problems with top quality and skill from years of experience.

  •  We can provide emergency service in less than 2 hours, in many cases!
  •  You can contact the NY Couch Doctor 24 hours: 516 328-8234
  •  Call us 7 days a week – Moving Emergencies and Co-Op Elevator Schedules are often inconvenient –  We are available when you need us.
  •  The NY Couch Doctor staff offers over 10 years of experience in furniture disassembly, re-assembly, and includes careful transporting and shipping if needed.
  •  NY Couch Doctor is the choice of many tri state region movers, when “the couch won’t fit”.
  •  We arrive on the job with everything needed – start and finish. No delays! Fast, dependable and reliable!

What is Furniture Surgery?

Historic homes, apartments and even modern houses with spiral staircases can offer unique challenges when moving oversized furniture, such as couches, sofas, armoires and dining room sets. Narrow doorways, winding staircases, odd angles, short elevators and many other architectural features can be overcome through Furniture Surgery, also known as disassembly and reassembly. The process involves partial disassembly of the furniture, done by experts who know the structure of furniture and the art of upholstery, to make your furniture fit through tight doors, around curves, etc. and then is reassembled in the new room, just as new. Besides furniture surgery we also offer cosmetic furniture surgery to repair surfaces, upholstery, wood and many other materials. If you have other furniture that was damaged or scratched by your regular movers, do not hesitate to ask the NY Couch Doctor – we have many solutions to make it look just as good as new.